Research for Life Foundation

The quest for innovation that characterises the REYL Group is also present in its philanthropic endeavours, such as the creation in 2014 of the Research for Life foundation, a Swiss non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting and funding ground-breaking medical projects in the fields of adult and paediatric oncology.

Exceptionally promising research programs

Research for Life identifies and supports promising research teams with the ambition to make breakthrough progress in the understanding and treatment of emblematic forms of cancer, particularly through the use of innovative technologies.

Disciplined projects selection process

Research for Life focuses on projects characterised by their intensity and their ambition as well as the academic and clinical achievements of their promoters. Works conducted by the teams of Prof. Michielin, Group Leader at of the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, oncologist at CHUV in Lausanne and renowned world specialist in the field on immunotherapy, are a perfect illustration of the kinds of highly stimulating works that Research for Life wishes to support.

Efficient and transparent operations based on volunteering

With the exception of modest annual audit and filing charges, Research for Life does not incur any operating costs. All work performed is based on pure volunteering, with REYL & Cie providing logistical back-up. This allows Research for Life to focus on what matters most: getting funds fast to the projects that it supports.

Research for Life is a Swiss non-profit foundation registered in the Canton of Geneva.

Link to the Research for Life website