REYL Group

Active in consulting and investment aimed at private and institutional clients, the REYL Group stands out for its entrepreneurial, responsible culture and its constant quest for innovation. In 2021, the REYL Group signed a major strategic partnership with Fideuram – Intesa Sanpaolo, a leading European banking entity.

We focus on delivering effective solutions to our clients rather than on selling them undifferentiated products

Rather than constantly soliciting its clients with undifferentiated banking products and services, the REYL Group’s added value lies in its capacity to take a genuine interest in its clients’ real-life needs and to address such needs with innovative solutions.

We build partnerships with our clients as opposed to one-way relationships

Advisory, credit, corporate finance, restructuring as well as creative liquid and illiquid investment ideas: these are all areas where an entrepreneurial and intelligent bank can distinguish itself from traditional schemes and build long term partnerships with its clients.

We privilege the human dimension on a global scale

The REYL Group has offices located in Switzerland, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the US, employing more than 200 professionals in nine major financial hubs. Its global presence coupled with its human dimension enables it to preserve the transversality of its various business lines and in turn to provide its clients with efficient access to all of its resources and competencies.

Our five main lines of activities work hand-in-hand

The REYL Group is active in five complementary business lines: Wealth Management, Entrepreneur & Family Office Services, Corporate Finance, Asset Services and Asset Management. This broad range of services allows it to provide solutions addressing the increasingly complex needs of its clients, without silos or other artificial internal segmentation.

More information about REYL Group:

Annual Report 2020

REYL & Cie Ltd is licensed as a bank in Switzerland and performs its activities under the direct control of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) and the Swiss National Bank (SNB). The REYL Group’s affiliates are also regulated by the LPCC in Switzerland, the FCA in the UK, the CSSF in Luxembourg, the MFSA in Malta, the MAS in Singapore, the SEC in the United States and the DFSA in Dubai.