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REYL Overseas Ltd appoints new CEO 08.10.2018 René Marty has been appointed as CEO of REYL Overseas Ltd, an independent Swiss wealth manager licensed by the US Securities & Exchange... Read more

Americans are rushing to invest in Switzerland 02.08.2018 While last year's tax overhaul was in part aimed at bringing US money back from overseas, 2017 also saw a big jump in American... Read more

Swiss advisers on life after Fatca 02.01.2018 Five years after the US introduced stringent regulations that required foreign financial institutions to report the assets of US-domiciled... Read more

Swiss groups snaps rush to snap US clients 01.09.2017 The number of Swiss firm registering with the US Securities & Exchange Commission to manage or advise US-based clientele is growing.... Read more

More bank for your buck 28.08.2017 What is the REYL Group’s profile in a nutshell? The REYL Group is an independent banking group with offices i n... Read more

THE SWISS SAFETY NET FOR US CLIENTS 15.04.2017 The world is becoming increasingly volatile. Bombs dropped recently in Syria, North Korea, are signs that the world... Read more

Financial Times - Focus on US - Rebuilding the Swiss Brand - Interview with François Reyl, CEO, Reyl Bank 04.04.2016 Scandal and pressure on its banks have rocked a reputation for stability but many are bullish by Ralph Atkins   To foreigners,... Read more

REYL Overseas Ltd opens second office in the United States in Dallas, Texas 04.03.2016 After opening its firstbranch in 2015 in Santa Barbara, California in the United States, REYL Overseas Ltd, subsidiary of Swiss banking... Read more

Während sich andere Banken von US-Kunden verabschiedet haben, geht die Reyl-Gruppe den umgekehrten Weg - Interview mit Roger Groebli, CEO, Reyl Overseas 18.09.2015 Während sich andere Banken von US-Kunden verabschiedet haben, geht die Reyl-Gruppe den umgekehrten Weg: Sie hat eine Filiale in den USA... Read more

Pourquoi le marché américain reste attrayant pour les banques suisses - Opinion de Roger Groebli, CEO de Reyl Overseas 17.09.2015 Une poignée d’établissements bancaires suisses a commencé à réintégrer le marché américain. Se conformant aux nouvelles... Read more